Farmers announce ‘action plan’ over milk prices

Farming unions from across the UK have developed an action plan following an “urgent summit” to discuss milk prices. The plan includes calls for labels to indicate British products and long-term contracts for farmers. Some farmers are experiencing a “crisis” after being paid less for their milk than the cost of production, the National Farmers’ Union has said. Protests have included removing large quantities of milk from shops and blockading distribution centres.
‘Dire situation’
Supermarket chain Morrisons will meet farming industry leaders on Tuesday to discuss the price row.
It will include the UK’s four main farming unions – the NFU, NFU Cymru, NFU Scotland and the Ulster Farmers’ Union – all of whom were involved in Monday’s meeting.
The NFU said the new action plan included calls for:
UK farming ministers to meet urgently and for government to ensure farmers’ contracts are longer term and more fair
Government to “urgently” ensure labelling rules mean British products are “clear and obvious”
Retailers to “stop devaluing” British food “purely to get customers through the door”
The EU to underwrite the short-term credit position of vulnerable farmers
The public to ask retailers what they are doing to ensure farmers receive a fair price. Read more


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