The Farmers


Nick and his family at Chew Moo’s Ice Cream Co

Nessie met Nick and his family at the Bath and West show in May 2015 and fell in love with their Guernseys on the spot. Choo Moo is a small dairy farm that has been run by the family for over 80 years, situated just outside of Bristol on top of Dundry Hill, overlooking the glorious Chew Valley lake. Nessie will be living with two of Nick’s cows – #276 and #290 – in The Milking Parlour show in April 2016, and will go to milk them one a week to properly get to know them from now until then.

Will and Pam Best of Manor Farm in Dorset

Will Best

“I see a future in which world agriculture is based on organic principles. It may not be fully organic as we understand it, but it will be scientifically sound and sustainable.”

Will and Pam Best have farmed the 200 acre Manor Farm in Dorset for over 40 years and has seen the growth of the organic market in that period first hand. They have been teaching Nessie how to milk, and advising her on the future of the dairy industry since December 2014. More about the Bests

Chris and Suzanne Legg of Dollens Farm

Running 700 acres of dairy and arable land, Dollens Farm has engaged the local community to participate and understand modern farming, encouraging neighbours and villagers to hold a voluntary stake in the farm’s future.




2 thoughts on “The Farmers

  1. One of the first truly inspirational things to get off the ground – having personally given up dairy farming in 1998 the industry has continued to decline – a heartbreaking journey for any farmer to witness -thank you for being interested, inspired and motivated to act in a way that will bring attention to the food we produce and its relationship to our shopping basket.


    1. Dear Sarah. Thank you for your really moving feedback. It means a lot to hear that from a farmer, particularly someone who understands how much dairy farmers continue to suffer. If you can make it to the exhibition in April, it would be great to see you there!


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