Where should you buy a pint of milk to support farmers?

No-one said being an ethical dairy consumer was easy (Photo: BBC)
No-one said being an ethical dairy consumer was easy (Photo: BBC)

It is a question plenty of people ask: “I want to support British dairy farmers so where should I get my milk from?” The answer is a complicated one and it reveals some of the deeper problems everyone is grappling with in the dairy industry.
The simplest answer is buy it from the farmer. Industry bible Farmers Weekly has an interactive map which shows dairy farms that also sell direct to customers. A local farm shop is also likely to sell you a good product at a price that’s fair to farmers. A traditional milkman could well be a good option, but you’ll have to do your research. Many milkmen are supplied by a company called Dairy Crest, our biggest milk processor, which currently pays below what farmers claim is the cost of production. But you can find independent milkmen who pay more to farmers, companies such as Moofresh which delivers across northern Birmingham and beyond. Read more.


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