A new branding approach. (Photo: Claire Marshall, BBC News)
A new branding approach. (Photo: Claire Marshall, BBC News)

Morrisons will sell a new milk brand which will see 10p per litre extra paid to farmers, the supermarket says. The Milk for Farmers brand means a four pint bottle (2.27 litres), which now sells for 89p, will cost an extra 23p.
Other retailers have similar deals, but dairy organisation AHDB Dairy said 10p would make “a considerable difference”. The move comes after farming leaders met Morrisons bosses over concerns about the impact a sharp drop in the amount paid was having on the industry. The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) said it would now be writing to other sellers, asking them to follow Morrisons’s lead. The industry says a reduction in global demand for milk has led to an over-supply in the UK, creating difficult conditions for many dairy farmers. The NFU says the “huge crisis” had already driven 256 herds out of the industry so far in 2015. Read more


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